It Happened Once Already: On Russia, China, the US, and Why History Matters

Before I start this, I think it’s probably smart to point out that this is all purely speculative, and I’m not even sure if I believe what I’m writing.  That being said, I am basing what say off of facts and history, so I suppose you could reasonably jump to conclusions….

It happened once already.

Russia.  China.  A leader nobody really wanted.

In the years before 1949, before Mao Zedong conquered China and declared it a communist nation, Russia and China didn’t get along.  In the 20s, the two nations ended their relationship, and existed separately.  The majority of China was anti-communist.  In the 30s and 40s, when Russia and Germany were alternately attempting to conquer the world, the Chinese were actually afraid of the Russian army, unsure of what it would do.

But one man wasn’t.

This man would later be known as Mao, founder of Communist China.  Mao was shunned by his own country, unable to rise to success in any major political party, despite how badly he wanted it.  Mao was essentially a political failure– the people despised him, the politicians despised him, and it seemed as though all hope was lost for this man.  But he was ambitious.  More ambitious than anyone had ever known.

So, in the decades before WWII began, he raised an army and began taking over parts of China, starting a civil war.  But he wasn’t alone.  Mao had the help of Stalin, the Russian leader, who supplied him with information and some funding (well, not much information or funding, he mainly led Mao on and kept him on a string like a lost puppy) and in return Stalin received crucial information about China, the internal politics, and succeeded in weakening the structure of China immensely.

Now, Russia was able to invade a much weaker China, something that the main political party did not want, and that Mao desperately did.  Russia interfered so much so with Chinese politics and their civil war that (with the help of WWII, Japan, and German threats) a much weaker, unwanted leader was able to rise to power and turn the whole country communist.

That brings me to the title of this piece.

Russia interfered with internal politics once, and there is a lot of evidence that suggests they did so again, when they rigged the US election.  What did they want last time? Another communist superpower.  If Stalin hadn’t died in the early 50s, perhaps they would have eventually claimed China for themselves, we’ll never know.  But this time, what does Russia want?  Something tells me they’re not after just another trading partner.  Something tells me that this could mean war.  And oh gods that’s a scary thought.

A few weeks ago, a Russian spy ship was seen loitering around the US.  Logically, that could have happened with Obama as president.  But it didn’t–at least not that we know of.  Even if Trump is anti-russian invasion, his mostly positive view towards Putin is giving them confidence that they haven’t had since the Cold War.

Keep in mind I said above that I’m not sure if this is really happening, or if I’m being a tad dramatic.  But, I’d rather overreact than do nothing while Russia takes over, and I think most people would feel the same way.

So keep this in mind next time you’re watching the news or listening to propaganda.  Russia took over a country using a political figure the vast majority of the country despised once, and they can do it again.


Mao: The Unknown Story, by Jon Halliday and Jung Chang (Buy on Amazon*)

Timelines of History


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5 thoughts on “It Happened Once Already: On Russia, China, the US, and Why History Matters

  1. I’m always thrown off by the fact that Russia did have a hand in the U.S.’s politics this time around with the election. It bothers me to no end that some people want to down play it when it’s not something to take lightly. You bringing up China is a great example of something that has happened before and can happen again. I mean look at Drumpf go blocking out media from meetings all ready.

    Single Vegas Girl


    1. Yes that’s why everything is so scary!!! I know what I wrote is semi-unrealistic, but still, the only reason this is a problem is that our PRESIDENT is trying to pretend that it doesn’t matter that Russia influences our internal politics.


  2. I don’t even have words to express how eerie this is. Things will unfold eventually. It really is troubling how history tends to repeat itself over and over again.

    Liked by 1 person

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