Marijuana is a Drug. Treat it like One.

Weed single handedly ruined my high school experience. It is shame that I let this misunderstood piece of modern culture infiltrate my life and take control of my ignorant developing brain. It stripped everything I had from my grasp and deliberately threw it in the trash. The mind on drugs is mind that should never be reckoned with. It completely rewired the neurotransmitters in my brain to make me think like a fiend, and act like a fiend. I was just innocent boy when I started to use this devil plant. When I turned stoner, I  also turned into a inconsiderate piece of shit. Let’s paint a picture.

Marijuana became my life in 9th grade. Every thought I had was either about weed or about money, which I used to buy weed. Having no source of income, there was NO line that was not to be crossed. I use to lie to my mom for weed money, I would tell her I was going to the movies with my friends when I really going down the street to my dealers car. I would give the same spiel to my father the next day. This little system of lies lasted me a little bit but as my weed tolerance increased so did the money that I needed. This is how I got into stealing.

By the middle of 9th grade I was a full blown drug addict. Every week I would find a new target. Sometimes it was my mother purse, sometimes it was my sisters, sometimes it was my dads wallet. I even stooped as low as the little brothers piggy bank. Eventually, my family caught on to the fact that the only one that didn’t get stolen from was me. My family grew increasingly estranged and looked down upon me. Along with that, my friends stopped hanging out with me. It made sense because I always was WAY more involved with drugs then they were. I was the only one who would pick up a bag for himself, I was the only one who had his own piece, I was the only one who didn’t give a shit about anyone else. I was the outlier.

In 10th grade, I was at a new low, even for a drug addict. I had no friends and no family to depend on. I would come home after school, smoke a bowl and, lay down for hours at a time thinking about how much life fucking sucked. That sad truth was everything bad that has ever happened to me was a hundred percent self inflicted. Drugs are avoidable and should not be taken lightly. This is why the whole legalize marijuana movement pisses me off.

Marijuana is a drug. Treat it like one. It isn’t something that can be more accessible to the public. I have seen myself and my 2 of my good friends almost throw their life down the drain for this fucking drug and I don’t want to see anymore. If weed is legalize there WILL be an influx of fiends and less fucks will be given. Shit, I guess this doesn’t really matter,it’s only weed right?



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