Modern Education Sucks.

Modern public schooling has many flaws. I will list a few of the most concerning:

1. Grading

The way we are graded makes little sense to me. How could the motivated idiot who does every ounce of homework and classwork but does horrible on every test get a better grade then the man that understands the stupidity of homework, refuses to do it, and excels on every test. The process of learning shouldn’t matter as long as we learn it. If I know more on the test then the guy that does his work everyday doesn’t that make me the better student?


Homework should be a suggestion not a requirement. The valuable time at home to explore your interests, engage with friends and to maintain a level of healthy living (eat right,sleep 7-8 hours a day,exercise) should not be interrupted for a review sheet on why Stalin’s an asshole. However, rewarding for homework isn’t an issue for me. I don’t see why a student shouldn’t get extra credit for the extra effort. I just don’t think he should be penalized for not doing something he already knows.

3. Classroom Setup

The way the desks are set up in high school is horrible for social skills. It is like they want you to grow up with no friends. Independent classwork is the worse because not only is it pointless, it is not allowed to be done with friends (or with potential friends).  Friend groups would be a lot larger if students were forced to work and interact with people they don’t know. I know I would meet a WHOLE lot more of people because none of my friends are in any of my classes. It is considered socially unacceptable to approach strangers for some reason and because of that a lot of social cliques are often very small. Unfamiliar work groups is the answer to this problem.


The biggest problem I have with schooling is there ability to completely annihilate a kids motivation. I know plenty of very intelligent kids who completely resent school and are on the brink of dropping out because they are told there grades predict the rest of your life. Society looks down on bad grades, Colleges look down on bad grades, Opportunities look down on bad grades. There is no way you will ever get into any respectable college with a measly C average. If you don’t get into that college, you won’t get that job you always dreamed of. If you don’t get that job you always dreamed of you go to your fall back plan as a union employee. Then you spend the rest of your life in the typical middle class, 40 hour work week schedule. All because school wasn’t your thing.

Modern education is due for reformation. There are a lot of problems with the current system, kids are coming out of high school with no knowledge and no direction. This forces them to buy into there parents wishes or to go for the money, they might become a doctor, or a lawyer (or god forbid, a Communications major). These are the 2 professions that have the highest suicide rate among standard professions, I wonder why.

They say millennials are doomed. I am a millennial and I am certainly not doomed. This is not because of education it is because of my life experiences and from reading. If I didn’t go through my drug addict phase in 9-10th grade, I would be a clueless eggplant with no idea what I was doing for the rest of my life. I really do feel sorry for us millennials, we grew up in the most innovative technological time period ever and a lot of us come out of high school scared and uncertain. The worst part is, it isn’t even our fault.



6 thoughts on “Modern Education Sucks.

  1. “and accels on every test”

    As an apparent testament to how much modern education sucks, it is apparently unable to train bloggers in the difference between the word “excels” and the word “accels,” which doesn’t exist.


  2. “The process of learning shouldn’t matter as long as we learn it.” Completely agree. The end goal of learning should be the recipient being more knowledgeable of the subject. If you test them and they demonstrate knowledge, then their overall grade should reflect the receipt of knowledge.

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  3. On another note, I think those of us that feel misplaced in this changing world are a product of a generation so disconnected with “cutting edge”. Most of our parents are not involved in any current generation cutting edge work. The world is changing too fast for some. This probably happens from century to century. You get us, brave souls that want to grow out of what their parents did, in a world that has no place for you. We are new industry, we are innovation, we are the next thing that is slowly shaped into the status quo.

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