The World is Slowly Dying

I’m not being dramatic in the title.  It’s true.  The world is dying, and that is a direct result of human beings thinking that they can do whatever they want whenever they want with no real consequences.  We have become an entitled race full of people who would rather throw out a plastic water bottle rather than buy a reusable one and wash it.

Our society, most especially the US, has become a society of waste, of disuse, of garbage.  And nobody is innocent.  Not the wasteful neighbor, not the recycling addict– they are all guilty of contributing to the homosapien plague that is destroying our world.

Nothing is ever going to be able to stop the impending fate of destruction and death upon the world, so why try, right?  Use that extra electricity, buy that plot of land and have the forest torn down, because it’ll happen sooner or later.  Right? Right?  No.  We can’t have that thought process.  It is that exact thinking which WILL get this universe destroyed long before the sun explodes and kills us all.

The world is dying.  But we can help slow it down.

Sure, one person isn’t going to make much of an impact, but if many people change just themselves, the world will be changed.  Saved, even.

So, recycle.  Or better yet, try not to use resources which need to be thrown out/recycled in the first place.  Buy reusable containers.  Don’t take bags at the grocery store, carry it.

Cut down on electricity usage.  Turn off lights when you leave the room, and don’t turn them on at all if possible.  Never leave the water running for longer than absolutely necessary.  Take a shorter shower.

Eat less meat.  Stop getting food that is shipped halfway across the world to get to your plate.  Buy non GMO.  Buy local.  Buy organic.  Or better yet, make your own food by starting a garden in your backyard.

Make your voice heard.  Protest anti-sustainability projects.  Protest deforestation in the rainforest, and in the soon-to-be new housing development in the patch of trees across the street.  Plant a new tree, demand a say in what happens, because no matter how old you are, it’s your world too.

Drive less.  Bike more.  Take a walk.  Appreciate the world we live in.

Use less. Love more.  Stop wasting.  Save the world we live in.

Sit less.  Talk more.  Share opinions.  Unite the world we live in.

It may not be up to only you, but it certainly starts there.  You can’t complain about the world degrading– or claim to care– if you aren’t doing everything you can to save it.

It starts today.  What will your choice be?


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