Promoting the Dictatorship

Today, I was told in school that “if an argument has 90% of people who think one way and 10% who think the other way, the 10% is most certainly wrong and it is not a debatable argument”.



I don’t even understand how someone– especially a teacher– could possibly believe that and promote that.

That teacher (whom I despise and so will never name) is literally promoting a totalitarian mob mentality wherein whoever has the most numbers always wins.  And that’s wrong.

At one point, the majority of Germans thought that Hitler was a good leader.

In the 20th century, the majority of Americans thought that homosexuality is a crime.OVM Featured Quotes

If students are told to never think outside the box, to just assume that the 90% is always right, then where in the world is this country going.  There will be no forward progress, no sense of direction, no nothing.

We will be forever stuck where just because you aren’t in the 90% you are wrong, and we will be leaving it up to this majority to determine what happens to the rest of us.  I can’t even explain to you how shocked I still am.

Not that long ago, 90%– over that– believed that being black meant you didn’t deserve a real life.

If we don’t promote that 10%… If we don’t explore our options and become educated no matter what everyone around us is saying… if we don’t at least TRY to stretch boundaries and find the truth amid a world of lies and deception… then why should we even have a voice.  What is the point.

We NEED VOICES.  We need to FIGHT.  This is not an option.  And a teacher telling students that just because they are in the minority they are WRONG.  That’s wrong.  That’s harmful to everyone who’s ever felt less than, ostracized, ignored.  That’s telling an entire RACE of people that if they’re not white they still shouldn’t matter.  That’s telling an entire SEXUALITY that they should be murdered for who they love.  And that’s telling every single human being who enjoys living in a democracy that HITLER WAS RIGHT.


I cannot accept that.

We, as human beings, can think, and can promote change.  And to do that, you have to embrace the 10%, the 5%, even the 1% if that what it takes.

So no, teacher, I won’t only argue the 90%.  I’ll find where the world is wrong and I’ll do everything in my power to change that.  OVM Signoff

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