Fake Friends, Like All Friends, Are Temporary.

I only have 3 TRUE friends. It might sound depressing but I can assure you I am the minority. You would be lucky to even have one. This is not including family. I cannot generalize family because everyone family is completely different. All I know is I have had too many “good” friendships that died out like a light bulb. I am just starting to accept the sad reality of friends. 95% of them are fake.

When I say fake I don’t mean they are necessarily bad people. They are just bad to you. Here are 3 subtle characteristics of fake friends that I have picked up on:

1. Always Looking For Something Better

About 2 months ago I was over my friends house with a few other people drinking a few beers and watching TV. It wasn’t the best night of my life but I think a good time is only made with good people. I thought the good people part was accomplished, I was wrong. One of my “friends” was on his phone the whole time and being an unsocial little shit. Out of the blue he gets a phone call and says “wanna go grab a sixer and come over my house”. All of my other real friends and I looked at each other like what the fuck is wrong with this kid. We gave him no contest and let him leave and drink his sixer with his other “friend”. I didn’t care, he’s fake. That was the last time I really spoke to him and he still wonders why. It’s simple, a true friend stays with the crew no matter what opportunity comes their way. Sex is the only exception.

2. Doesn’t Invite, But Has No Problem Telling.

I did this for 6 months in between 9th and 10th grade and I lost ALL of my 3 friends. I would tell them the stories of my random hookups, my crazy drug trips, and the awesome parties I would go to. All of which were heavily exaggerated. As the stories kept coming,t hey grew further from me. Eventually, I was alone, angry and addicted. When I cleaned up my act and got everything that I lost back, I asked them why they hated me so much.

“You were doing all this fun shit and we weren’t doing anything”

I wasn’t a real friend, I was selfish. I didn’t invite anyone to any event. Then I would brag about it like I was the shit when in reality I was just a lying degenerate stoner. Bring your friends, don’t tell your friends. It makes a huge difference.

3. Tough Times is like Bug Spray

When I was friendless and had to come home to an estranged household everyday. NO ONE was there for me. The only socialization I had was at school. It was pretty obvious to most people I interacted with that I didn’t have a friend group. Most rejected me for who I was and for the mistakes I made. Only 2 friends gave me a shot at redemption. They knew I had nothing to bring in terms of popularity or activities, they just liked me for me. They invited me to hang out weekend after weekend and brought me out of my slump. I will always love them for that. A friend is a friend when they like you for you. 


I am very careful with who I hang out with. I have seen “friends” steal from “friends”,talk shit about “friends”,and straight up hate their “friends”. I have gotten to the point where I believe most friendships have an expiration date.

My dad always says “I have no friends, there gets a time in your life where you have to grow up”. High school friends are left in high school, college friends are left in college and work friends are just work friends. I walk by former best friends everyday in school and never get a “hello” or  a “how are you”. They carry on like I was nothing in their life, and because of that, they are nothing to me.

There will always be something better, and there will always be those tough times, just notice the ones that stick around. Those are the ones that are in it for the long haul.








Modern Education Sucks.

Modern public schooling has many flaws. I will list a few of the most concerning:

1. Grading

The way we are graded makes little sense to me. How could the motivated idiot who does every ounce of homework and classwork but does horrible on every test get a better grade then the man that understands the stupidity of homework, refuses to do it, and excels on every test. The process of learning shouldn’t matter as long as we learn it. If I know more on the test then the guy that does his work everyday doesn’t that make me the better student?


Homework should be a suggestion not a requirement. The valuable time at home to explore your interests, engage with friends and to maintain a level of healthy living (eat right,sleep 7-8 hours a day,exercise) should not be interrupted for a review sheet on why Stalin’s an asshole. However, rewarding for homework isn’t an issue for me. I don’t see why a student shouldn’t get extra credit for the extra effort. I just don’t think he should be penalized for not doing something he already knows.

3. Classroom Setup

The way the desks are set up in high school is horrible for social skills. It is like they want you to grow up with no friends. Independent classwork is the worse because not only is it pointless, it is not allowed to be done with friends (or with potential friends).  Friend groups would be a lot larger if students were forced to work and interact with people they don’t know. I know I would meet a WHOLE lot more of people because none of my friends are in any of my classes. It is considered socially unacceptable to approach strangers for some reason and because of that a lot of social cliques are often very small. Unfamiliar work groups is the answer to this problem.


The biggest problem I have with schooling is there ability to completely annihilate a kids motivation. I know plenty of very intelligent kids who completely resent school and are on the brink of dropping out because they are told there grades predict the rest of your life. Society looks down on bad grades, Colleges look down on bad grades, Opportunities look down on bad grades. There is no way you will ever get into any respectable college with a measly C average. If you don’t get into that college, you won’t get that job you always dreamed of. If you don’t get that job you always dreamed of you go to your fall back plan as a union employee. Then you spend the rest of your life in the typical middle class, 40 hour work week schedule. All because school wasn’t your thing.

Modern education is due for reformation. There are a lot of problems with the current system, kids are coming out of high school with no knowledge and no direction. This forces them to buy into there parents wishes or to go for the money, they might become a doctor, or a lawyer (or god forbid, a Communications major). These are the 2 professions that have the highest suicide rate among standard professions, I wonder why.

They say millennials are doomed. I am a millennial and I am certainly not doomed. This is not because of education it is because of my life experiences and from reading. If I didn’t go through my drug addict phase in 9-10th grade, I would be a clueless eggplant with no idea what I was doing for the rest of my life. I really do feel sorry for us millennials, we grew up in the most innovative technological time period ever and a lot of us come out of high school scared and uncertain. The worst part is, it isn’t even our fault.


Marijuana is a Drug. Treat it like One.

Weed single handedly ruined my high school experience. It is shame that I let this misunderstood piece of modern culture infiltrate my life and take control of my ignorant developing brain. It stripped everything I had from my grasp and deliberately threw it in the trash. The mind on drugs is mind that should never be reckoned with. It completely rewired the neurotransmitters in my brain to make me think like a fiend, and act like a fiend. I was just innocent boy when I started to use this devil plant. When I turned stoner, I  also turned into a inconsiderate piece of shit. Let’s paint a picture.

Marijuana became my life in 9th grade. Every thought I had was either about weed or about money, which I used to buy weed. Having no source of income, there was NO line that was not to be crossed. I use to lie to my mom for weed money, I would tell her I was going to the movies with my friends when I really going down the street to my dealers car. I would give the same spiel to my father the next day. This little system of lies lasted me a little bit but as my weed tolerance increased so did the money that I needed. This is how I got into stealing.

By the middle of 9th grade I was a full blown drug addict. Every week I would find a new target. Sometimes it was my mother purse, sometimes it was my sisters, sometimes it was my dads wallet. I even stooped as low as the little brothers piggy bank. Eventually, my family caught on to the fact that the only one that didn’t get stolen from was me. My family grew increasingly estranged and looked down upon me. Along with that, my friends stopped hanging out with me. It made sense because I always was WAY more involved with drugs then they were. I was the only one who would pick up a bag for himself, I was the only one who had his own piece, I was the only one who didn’t give a shit about anyone else. I was the outlier.

In 10th grade, I was at a new low, even for a drug addict. I had no friends and no family to depend on. I would come home after school, smoke a bowl and, lay down for hours at a time thinking about how much life fucking sucked. That sad truth was everything bad that has ever happened to me was a hundred percent self inflicted. Drugs are avoidable and should not be taken lightly. This is why the whole legalize marijuana movement pisses me off.

Marijuana is a drug. Treat it like one. It isn’t something that can be more accessible to the public. I have seen myself and my 2 of my good friends almost throw their life down the drain for this fucking drug and I don’t want to see anymore. If weed is legalize there WILL be an influx of fiends and less fucks will be given. Shit, I guess this doesn’t really matter,it’s only weed right?